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It is our great pleasure to announce Mollector’s newest strategic partner, LuaVentures — a trusted and highly regarded investment fund in the blockchain industry. Having shared the same visions and ambitions, Mollector and LuaVentures decide to join forces to create a successful reign and claim the throne as the King of the Metaverse.

Why the Mollector — LuaVentures collaboration will ensure the elevation of the Mollector game?

LuaVentures has proven their reputation as a prestigious blockchain investment fund with widely-recognized successful investments in many successful projects including Coin98, Delta Exchange, Impossible Finance, Wanaka Farm, DeFi Warrior, Rikkei Finance, DareNFT, Cyball, Planet Sandbox, UpFi network, Dragon Kart, WidiLand,… LuaVentures’ method focuses heavily on connecting and providing potential projects with not only financial but also strategic support. This support will range from business strategies and operations to core product and community development.

It is our absolute honor to be the next on LuaVentures’ top-tier list! As the recognition of Mollector’s huge potential and long-term vision, LuaVentures will provide full support to help Mollector be a stand-out project in the competitive GameFi market. Both parties will be jointly conducting a thorough business plan as well as cross-marketing strategies and activities to captivate the attention of both NFT enthusiasts and traditional gamers.

Mollector’s IDO on LuaStarter will be announced shortly.

About LuaVentures

LuaVentures is an investment management unit under the umbrella of TomoChain Lab — the company behind the biggest public blockchain out of SouthEast Asia that has been adapted and trusted by many commercial and blockchain companies worldwide. LuaVentures seeks to capitalize on the rapid emergence of blockchain technologies and generate positive returns by investing in early-stage blockchain-related projects.

They invest in all related fields related to blockchain, including infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAOs, social tokens, decentralized social networks, Dapps, to name but a few. Not only do they provide financial support, but they also assist with community development, consultancy, strategy, and operations.

About Mollector

Mollector is a Play-to-Earn digital, collectible, and auto-combat card game runs on Binance Smart Chain. The game offers an immersive experience that’s based on deckbuilding, strategy, and the Play-to-Earn approach. Inspired by the Hearthstone and Dungeon & Dragon world, Mollector takes place in an ancient faraway galaxy where warriors from 6 factions co-exist and battle to become the rulers of The New World.Players, a.k.a Mollectors travel around the Galaxy, summon warriors to compete against others, defeat the World Boss and save the Galaxy. In the game’s world, Mollectors will collect, trade, and upgrade Hero Cards to compete against others in various game modes.

The main focus of the game is to build a balanced game economy and challenging gameplay to give players both financial and entertainment values. Mollector features the best of both worlds — an “easy to play, hard to master” card game that can satisfy traditional gamers and an appealing earning mechanism for crypto enthusiasts. Players can upgrade, buy/sell or trade their NFT card assets to earn real-world value on the marketplace.

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Mollector is a Play-to-Earn digital, collectible, and auto-combat card game that runs on Binance Smart Chain.